So as standard we offer high quality photography, floorplan and bespoke social media marketing. Now with the technology available the 3D Virtual Tour will enable potential buyers to visit the property as often as they like, for as long as they like. We agree that there is nothing quite like actually visiting the property in person, however this gives us the power to showcase your property to it's full potential before your buyer has even arrived. 

What if the the Tour puts certain people off? This helps filter out any unsuccessful/unwanted viewings therefore time and effort is not wasted. Once potential buyers have seen photos, reviewed the floorplan and toured the property and then want to view we are confident that these people are serious and like what is on offer.

Advantage's to buyer's are that once you have been to view one of our properties you have the capability to then go home and review what you have just seen. You are not handed a printed brochure with a few small images on to go by, you can literally go take another look. As viewing times do vary we understand that spending 'X' amount is difficult in a short space of time therefore this gives you time and peace of mind to make sure that the decision is right for you.

Now onto the tours themselves - There are a number of functions that we can action on each Tour which makes this technology so amazing and bespoke to you and your property. We can tag certain features of the property so buyers can click and read what is on offer for eg your kitchen has granite worktops and underfloor heating - we can add notes on the tour to tell people this. We can also go a step further and play videos within the tour where we can inform buyers of features to lookout for  - check out as an example.

The technology is constantly evolving and we are excited to see newer features such as integration with Google Street View becoming available.

Finally which we think is the coolest feature of these tours is that they are compatible with VR (Virtual Reality) therefore with the correct equipment you can slot your smartphone into your VR Goggles and navigate through one of our properties from the comfort of your own sofa! The future really is here! 

If you would like to know more about these then do get in touch.

Have a great week

Team Fry